Harnessing a Wave of Innovation: The Space Tube Reverse Osmosis Membrane (STRO) Technology


Harnessing a Wave of Innovation: The Space Tube Reverse Osmosis Membrane (STRO) Technology

Harnessing a Wave of Innovation: The Space Tube Reverse Osmosis Membrane (STRO) Technology

March 14, 2024

The Space Tube Reverse Osmosis Membrane (STRO) technology is an innovation in the field of water treatment that combines the high-efficiency purification of reverse osmosis with a unique tubular support structure. This new technology provides fresh solutions for industrial and household water treatment. This blog will introduce the working principle, advantages, and the future application prospects of STRO in the water treatment industry.


1.The Working Principle of STRO


Reverse osmosis (RO) technology utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to extract a vast majority of dissolved solids, such as salts and other chemical substances, from water. This extraction generally necessitates high pressure to propel water molecules through the membrane while leaving most dissolved solids and other impurities behind.


The STRO enhances the conventional RO method by incorporating a supportive structure known as a space tube. This structure not only fortifies the physical stability of the membrane, reducing the risk of damage from pressure variations but also optimizes water flow turbulence due to its innovative design. It diminishes the build-up of pollutants on the membrane's surface, thereby prolonging the operational lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane.


2.Advantages of STRO


1. Improved Cleaning Efficiency :The space tube structure augments the turbulence of the water flow, which diminishes the likelihood of contaminant accumulation on the membrane surface, hence, boosting cleaning efficiency.


2. Decreased Operational Costs::The improved stability of the membrane leads to reduced occurrences of damage and lengthens the interval between replacements, which significantly cuts down long-term operational costs.


3. Energy and Environmental Conservation::The escalated efficiency in processing allows for reduced pressure to be applied in moving the water, resulting in lower energy consumption.


4. Versatile Adaptability::The STRO technology can adapt to diverse water treatment circumstances, from treating heavily contaminated industrial wastewater to applications that demand exceptionally high water purity, such as in medical or food industries.


3.Application Prospects of STRO in Water Treatment


As global water scarcity becomes more pressing and the need for treating wastewater grows due to industrial and urban expansion, STRO technology offers a promising solution in water treatment. It's effective for turning seawater into drinking water and treating industrial wastewater to recover useful materials or meet environmental regulations.


In sectors where stringent water quality is paramount, like semiconductor manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, STRO's efficient contaminant removal and reliable performance make it a highly appealing technology.




STRO technology, as a groundbreaking advancement in water treatment, not only amplifies the quality and efficiency of purified water but also paves a new path for solving the global issue of water scarcity. With the technology's ongoing progression and refinement, it is poised to assume a more significant role in the water treatment market of the future.

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